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Welcome to Abell’s articles section, here you will find a myriad of useful information about common indoor and outdoor pests for both residential and commercial environments, preventative tips for avoiding infestations as well as practical do it yourself solutions for keeping them away from your home and business.

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How to keep pests out of farmers markets

These days farmers markets are a recurring trend, with people becoming increasingly interested in buying their food fresh and local. However, while buying food that's natural and organic has its perks, no one wants to come home with a pest living in their groceries. So, how are pests prevented?

How to prevent bed bugs on the subway

Many commuters use the subway each day to get to and from work or to run errands. While public transportation can have its issues, such as running late, there's nothing worse than discovering a pest infestation while on the train. However, this is becoming a common problem, according to the NY Daily News. People are leaving the train a little itchier than they expected, and it's mainly due to bed bugs. Consider these tips to prevent bed bugs from following you home.

How to keep pests out of classrooms

Classrooms should be a safe space for children to come to every day to learn. However, children may not feel so safe if they notice a few ants crawling across the floor or see a mouse scurry near their feet. Consider these tips to prevent pests in classrooms at your school.

How to prevent bed bugs from moving with you

Bed bugs love to travel. So, when it's time for you to move, they're happy to come with you. Some things are better left behind - consider these tips on how to prevent bed bugs from hopping in your suitcase.

How to prevent mice in a senior living facility

Mice may seem cute, but they can become a serious pain in large numbers. Senior communities are supposed to be places of tranquility, not where you're scared by a mouse. Mice can bring in harmful bacteria, endangering older adults with weakened immune systems as they infect clean facilities. Consider these tips to keep mice out of senior communities.

How to prevent ants in your yard

Some homeowners don't mind ants, while others do. They may seem harmless at first, until you have colonies crawling in areas of your yard you may not want them to. There are many species of ants throughout the world, some of which are more of a problem than others. Regardless of the type, consider these tips to keep ants from marching into your yard.

How to keep rodents out of your grill

As the weather warms up, you may be itching to get back to grilling. However, you come out to your grill and find that something has been living in it. While there are a few types of pests that like to live in grills, one of the most common is rodents. These pests can adapt to just about any situation, meaning they get comfortable quickly. Before you know it, you might have an entire family of rodents nesting in your grill. Naturally, this can hinder your cooking. Consider these tips to keep rodents out of your grill.

How to keep raccoons out of your rental home

Raccoons are sneaky. They love to creep through the night in search of food and garbage. However, these animals know no bounds. They'll move right into your backyard if they think you've got a good collection of garbage. Renters may be shocked to discover a pack of raccoons feeding on last night's dinner. Consider these tips to keep raccoons out of your home.

How to keep pests out of your garbage disposal

Many homeowners own garbage disposals. These items can be very useful, as they take leftover soft foods such as fruits and vegetables and grind them down into the plumbing. All people have to do is occasionally turn it on when the sink becomes clogged or there are remnants of food in the sink. Yet homeowners may be irritated when they notice that this disposal has attracted something other than food - pests. Certain small bugs may be attracted by the ground up food and will come crawling into your home through the sink drain. This can be appalling to a person who wants to keep his or her kitchen sink as clean as possible. Consider these tips to keep pests out of your garbage disposal.

How to prevent 3 grocery store invaders

Grocery stores have an obligation to keep their produce sections clean and pest-free. It can be a struggle to keep away ants, fruit flies and cockroaches, especially in the warm summer months. Accidental food scraps, over-ripe fruit and puddles of water can all attract these three invaders. They may be small, but they can become big problems and potentially ruinous to a store.

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